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The National Traction Engine Trust The World's Premier Steam Traction preservation organisation.

Toylander Producers of miniature battery powered vehicles.

Abbots Model Engineering 5 inch and 7¼ inch Locos, Rolling Stock and Accessories.

Blackgates Engineering Suppliers to Model Engineers of Drawings, Castings, Tools & Materials.

Cromar White Suppliers of miniature railway equipment for ride on garden, club, estate and commercial installations.

Denver Light Railway A range of engineering services. 

The Miniature Railway Supply Company Ltd Supplier of miniature railway equipment, rail, fittings, sleepering - steel or wood, plus other track materials.

Model Engineers Laser Laser cutting service for Model Engineers by a Model Engineer.

Phoenix Locos Manufacturer of miniature railway locomotives and rolling stock in 5 and 7¼ inch gauges (1/10th and 1/8th scale).

Ride on Railways Suppliers of 5 and 7¼ inch gauge products based around freelance narrow gauge railways. Also signs, seats and other items.

RRB Machining Electrical & Mechanical engineering company based in Essex.

Steam Traction World Manufacturer of a superb range of fully machined, large scale models in kit form ready for self assembly.

View Models Livesteam models in the model enginee