Essential Vintage Tractor Safety Checks

Now that social restrictions are easing you may be thinking of getting your vintage tractor back in use. The below checklist will help keep you safe by ensuring accidents and injuries are kept to a minimum.

Initial checks for your vintage tractor

  • Roadworthy condition (if applicable)
  • MOT (if applicable)
  • Valid road tax and insurance
  • Sitting level on ground
  • Tyre condition/inflation
  • No fluid leaks
  • Number plates visible and clean (if applicable)

 In-cab vintage tractor checks

  • Controls clearly marked
  • Controls working
  • Seat in good condition
  • Seat adjusted for driver
  • Safety belt used [if fitted]
  • Dashboard – all warning lights working
  • Wipers and Washers working
  • Hand brake working
  • Steering and brakes working correctly
  • Split brakes linked and working
  • Horn, demister and temperature controls [where fitted] working correctly
  • Cab clean
  • Cab floor clear of any obstructions

Vintage tractor drivers

  • Trained and competent
  • Fit to drive
  • Follows safety rules
  • Valid licence
  • Valid insurance
  • Appropriate PPE
  • Not fatigued

Full lighting system

  • All in place
  • Undamaged
  • Clean
  • Correct colour
  • A working flashing amber beacon
  • Lights and indicators working

External checks

  • Cab/Roll bar in good condition
  • Check all fluid levels (oil, coolant, windscreen wash, brake fluid)
  • Sufficient fuel and fuel cap secure
  • Check radiator
  • Check Hydraulic hoses
  • Steps undamaged and clean
  • Doors in place and handle working
  • PTO drive guarded (U-guard)
  • Hitching equipment in good condition


  • All mirrors in place
  • Clean and in good condition
  • Correctly aligned

Windscreen and side windows

  • All in place
  • Undamaged and clean
  • View not obscured e.g. by stickers etc.
  • Windscreen wipers present and in good condition

Safe parking

  • Park in a safe area
  • Reverse park safely
  • Apply parking brake
  • Place in correct parking gear
  • Lower attachments to ground
  • Switch off engine
  • Dismount facing tractor


  • Carry passenger(s) in passenger seat only
  • Safety belt used [if fitted]
  • High-Visibility vest(s) for passenger in cab
  • No children under 7 years allowed

Tyres and wheels

  • Tyres correctly inflated
  • Tyres have correct tread depth
  • Tyres undamaged: No abrasions, bulges or tears
  • Check wheel nuts present and correctly tightened

Download this checklist

Keep this list to hand to help you enjoy your vintage tractor safely.

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